Request to Fulfill

The Deliver phase of the Mission Dominance model is where the solutions created in the previous phases are requested for use and then deployed, whether hardware, software, or user provisioning.

Our portfolio and cloud-agnostic solutions combine continuous delivery and release automation with hybrid cloud management and IT process automation. They simplify application deployments across all environments by offering visibility and efficiency across the delivery pipeline, enabling repeatable, reliable, and audit-compliant processes.

This provides you with a centralized service center for all capability delivery regardless of the service provider. Additionally, it gives more control for workload management and service provider.

The Deliver phase is primarily supported by the following software solutions:

  • IT Operations
    • Service Management Automation (SMAX)
    • Data Center Automation
  • DevOps
    • Deployment Management
    • Enterprise Server
  • Cloud
    • Hybrid Cloud Management
    • Cloud Service Automation