7 Tips for Developing an Effective Unstructured Data Analytics Program

Micro Focus Big Data experts offer advice on technology considerations and share best practices to help you develop an effective unstructured data analytics program that delivers real business value. A recent survey found that only 13 percent of organizations with a Big Data project claimed analytics was successfully adopted in their organization. Organizations are not only struggling to meet the demands associated with huge volumes of unstructured data, but they're also striving to meet stringent platform requirements that can offer speed, performance and flexibility.


·       Failure to fuel the business with timely insights has significant downsides: business risks increase as managers make ill-advised decisions, customers and partners receive inadequate services, and sales opportunities are squandered due to incomplete or erroneous information.


·       There are seven (7) capabilities to consider when moving forward with unstructured data analytics:


  1. Corral All Stakeholders
  2. Harness All Your Data without Disruptions 
  3. Personalize Knowledge Discovery
  4. Adopt Enterprise-grade Security
  5. Embrace Advanced Technologies
  6. Team with Proven Market Leaders
  7. Learn from Others, Inside and Outside of Your Industry


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