ArcSight for Security Compliance

ArcSight can reduce the pain of reporting, maintain compliance standards, and monitor your security environment. ArcSight’s Security Open Data Platform ingests hundreds of different data types. It tracks the location of logs, time stored, and other relevant information.


·       ArcSight reduces the pain and complexity of reporting with automated, customizable reports and dashboards. Pre-built content makes compliance simpler, and saves time for your analysts for HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, or one of many other compliance standards.

·       ArcSight is meant for security. It facilitates near instant alerts and maintains the highest standards for logging and compliance.

·       Some key features and benefits:
      o Format Preserving Encryption
      o Customizable Dashboards
      o Adaptable Reports
      o Content for Compliance
      o Process for Threat Response
      o Hundreds of Connectors


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ArcSight for Security Compliance preview