Data Protection Gaps are Leaving Companies Vulnerable A Global Survey of IT Professionals

Today nearly all companies are using a hybrid cloud strategy which has resulted in 9 out of 10 companies utilizing multiple backup and recovery solutions. A total of 355 IT professionals completed a global survey on data protection challenges and current solution capabilities to gather hard data on market trends, functionality gaps in available products and their business impact.


·       Micro Focus Data Protection is an enterprise grade backup and disaster recovery solution for large, complex, and heterogeneous IT environments.  Built on an adaptive architecture that combines security and analytics, it enables enterprises to meet their continuity needs, reliably and cost effectively.

·       Key findings:

·       Backup and Recovery Status

·       91% of companies use multiple backup and recovery solutions

·       72% of companies experience backup and recovery problems

·       72% of companies are unaware of data protection gaps

·       Hybrid IT is the new future, driving increased complexity, diversity of hardware and an expanding number of physical locations.

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