NetIQ Enables real-time data validation and Cost-Efficiencies for Värmland, Sweden

Drifts- och Servicenämnden (DSN) represents 16 municipalities in the province of Värmland, Sweden. DSN needed an authoritative source of identity data on its 7,500 government employees. DSN will implement NetIQ Identity Manager in a software-as-a-service (SaaS) configuration, enabling real-time data validation for new employees, driving cost-efficiencies and enabling shared online services for education.


·       DSN aims to enable the municipalities to do three key things: benefit from economies of scale; focus on core competencies; and deliver better services to over 280,000 citizens.

·       With a need for a secure, centralized and highly automated platform to manage rights for its current users, DSN's team of experts reviewed several identity management solutions.

·       The experts determined that Identity Manager best suited DSN's requirements. DSN also chose NetIQ Identity Tracking for Identity Manager to further enhance security and monitoring capabilities. 

·       Deploying the solution as a flexible, cost-efficient SaaS application will increase availability to small municipalities, letting them benefit from a centralized identity management solution.

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NetIQ Enables Real-Time Data Validation and Cost-Efficiencies for Värmland, Sweden preview