James Hutton Institute Delivers an Improved User Experience and More Efficient Service

The James Hutton Institute is a world-leading scientific organization based in Scotland, UK, and their IT team had a fragmented approach to capturing requests from its 600 users with neither solution meeting requirements. The lack of a single place to submit requests made it hard on the staff, as well as for the team of 14 working to support the requests.


·       The James Hutton Institute learned about Micro Focus Service Management Automation X (SMAX). SMAX provides a digital self-service experience for IT and non-IT services, that seemed to fit the requirements.

·       The SMAX-driven service desk manages some 500 IT requests and 300 non-IT requests every month. The team plans to leverage Operations Orchestration in conjunction with SMAX. This will automate many of the processes that currently rely on manual intervention or scripting, i.e. the staff on-boarding process.

“The actual migration was done over a single weekend, and on the Monday all users and agents were productive in their familiar interface. The move was completely transparent initially, and over time, we started to add features to enhance the user experience,” Benn Watt, End User Computing Manager from The James Hutton Institute, on how SMAX was received.

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