Major Federal Agency Validates Micro Focus Security Investment

With the advent of a serious security breach at the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) affecting over 22 million people, the federal government needs to enhance cybersecurity across its agencies.


·       The agency's existing terminal emulation solution was old, non-secure, and noncompliant with HSPD-12 security requirements. It needed a replacement solution flexible enough to meet its architectual needs and provide strong security, but still accomodate the 40,000 users requiring daily access.

·       The federal government is moving away from user ID and password combinations, which are inherently nonsecure. They are enforcing the use of multifactor authentication to access applications; i.e., a combination of a user PIV card and PIN code.

·       Micro Focus presented the Reflection family of products, which would leverage the existing Active Directory and PKI infrastructure. The agency can authenticate mainframe users with X.509 certificates from their smart cards and eliminate passwords with complete single sign-on.

·       An agency spokesperson concludes, "We regard Micro Focus as trusted advisors, and with its broad range of solutions, from mobile to mainframe, we expect the relationship to go from strength to strength.

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Major Federal Agency Validates Micro Focus Security Investment preview