OVUM - Effective Vulnerability Risk Management Analyst Paper

Maintaining security and compliance in a modern IT supply chain for many data center managers is difficult due to how the walls are now flexible and extend from the on premises environment to the cloud. This brings new challenges and threats. The biggest threat is that the surface area for attackers has significantly increased, and with this increase comes an equal increase in complexity, which all translates to greater risk.


·       The security and risk management of an organization's environment is now a complex mixture of known and unknown threats and actors. Dealing with the new security threats will put pressure on the current approach to regulatory compliance and patch management.

·       Current solutions do not fully support the DevOps lifecycle approach to application development and management. Extending automation beyond the data center requires a new approach and thinking about management.

·       Ovum believes that providing comprehensive vulnerability and risk management in a complex modern IT supply chain that consists of multiple public clouds and a range of technologies from VMs to containers represents a significant business benefit.

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OVUM - Effective Vulnerability Risk Management Analyst Paper preview