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Digital transformation is changing the face of IT. IT now needs to help the business move at the speed of the digitally driven market by supporting continuous innovation while simultaneously running its own core business; maintaining stability, performance, compliance, security, and controlling costs. This paper discusses these challenges, their impact, and how Infrastructure and Operations (I&O) teams can modernize the Operations Bridge to thrive and evolve into a stronger business partner.


·      Monitoring is now often done by application developers as part of DevOps, and infrastructure is now often in the cloud and autonomously provisioned by software. These rapid, concurrent changes present a unique set of challenges to I&O teams.

·      IT is effectively splintering into a bi-model organization. On one side is teh traditional mode focused on stability and continuous incremental improvements to business-as-usual processes. On the other side is DevOps, focused on agility, innovation, experimentation, and market disuption.

·      Operations Bridge software provides the big data, patented, analytics-driven capabilities you need to sense, analyze, and adapt Autonomous Operations across hybrid IT landscapes from traditional to hybrid cloud. It provides both high-level real-time visualization of business and IT parameters.

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