Modernization A Flexible Approach to Digital Transformation

Businesses around the world are engaged in platform modernization initiatives to position their organizations for an era of business tranformation, much of which is driven by digital transformation, and for new regulatory environments with such mandates as GDPR and PCI DSS.


·      Companies with legacy business models and IT systems are especially at risk of disruption from newer "digitally born" start-ups. They must transform themselves digitally so they can compete effectively in the digital era as application modernization intitiatives are not only software and hardware centric, but also often involve intra- and inter- business unit process overhaul.

·      Partnering with a software vendor such as Micro Focus that has built its porfolio in lockstep with this view - application modernization that makes full use of existing application code investments while enabling the introduction of modern development methodologies, architectures, platforms, and enhanced security - is a good starting point.

·      The challenge for Micro Focus is combining Agile development and DevOps tools with application access solutions into a "whole application" approach and selling choice rather than a fixed approach to customers. Companies will need to not just keep up with customer demand for new tools that allow core applications to exist and flourish, but stay ahead of that demand by embracing emerging technologies and be ready to be integrated when customers ask.

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