ArcSight Intelligence Behavioral Analytics

Micro Focus ArcSight Intelligence behavioral analytics gives a new lens through which to detect, investigate, and respond to threats that may be hiding in your enterprise—before your data is stolen. Many organizations have important assets to protect, whether it is customer information, intellectual property, critical infrastructure controls, or all of the above. ArcSight Intelligence boosts the efficiency and speed at which security teams detect, triage, investigate, and respond to threats.


·       ArcSight Intelligence distills billions of events into a prioritized list of high-quality security leads to focus and accelerate the efforts of your security operations center (SOC).

·       Using unsupervised machine learning—a type of artificial intelligence (AI) that doesn’t need labels—ArcSight Intelligence’s algorithms extract available entities (users, machines, IP addresses, servers, printers, etc.) from within log files and observe events that involve these entities to determine expected behavior—a measurement we call “unique normal.

·       ArcSight Intelligence’s dashboard allows users to quickly and easily determine which entities represent the greatest potential risk.

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ArcSight Intelligence Behavioral Analytics preview