ArcSight Pluggable Analytics

Micro Focus ArcSight provides flexibility and contextual security insight through plug-and-play analytics that leverage your existing IT infrastructure. ArcSight’s pluggable analytics is comprised of the industry-leading, real-time event correlation engine found in ArcSight ESM, and the unsupervised machine learning (AI) technology that is part of ArcSight Intelligence (Interset). Micro Focus ArcSight’s security analytics platform helps organizations run and transform their business.


·       ArcSight’s next-generation SIEM platform is uniquely designed to provide Security Operations teams with unmatched flexibility in design and deployment.

·       Headless” operations enable organizations to configure ArcSight’s pluggable analytics and receive the insights elsewhere, for example on a separate SIEM or SOAR solution.

·       ArcSight Fusion merges insights from both ArcSight Intelligence and ArcSight ESM, with Entity Risks from Intelligence and Active Lists from ESM.

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ArcSight Pluggable Analytics preview