Connectivity to the Coronavirus – Software to Serve our Communities

MFGS, Inc. has helped government customers solve significant challenges in many categories using the Micro Focus IDOL AI platform. As master supplier to the U.S. government for Micro Focus Government Solutions, MFGS, Inc. adheres to the team’s “software to serve” philosophy. Its “early warning” system that casts a wide net across the globe with its massively extensive, configurable, live information feeds.


·       MFGS, Inc.’s vision means extending critical access to information in all branches of government and the military to a new group of non-traditional teleworkers, whom we know are having to adapt and change every day as we work to fight the coronavirus COVID-19.

·       IDOL (Intelligent Data Operating Layer) is a unified search and analytics platform that analyzes virtually any type of unstructured data (text, video, image, audio) and discovers patterns, trends, relationships, and abnormalities—enabling customers to quickly understand and react. In addition to geotagging capabilities of unstructured text, we are able to map coronavirus cases in cities around the world.

·       Every single day, Micro Focus runs a demo environment that indexes a limited subset of news articles, broadcast monitoring feeds from various TV and radio channels (via our OSINT model), Twitter and RSS feeds.

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