Dubai Police use IDOL's Integrated Analytics to More Effectively Uncover and Respond to Suspicious Behavior

Zenith Gulf Security Systems began working with the Dubai Police in 2007, when Zenith first approached the police to introduce a new mobile ANPR solution. Due to the success of ANPR, the Dubai Police expanded their capability with version 2 of the system, at the heart of which is Micro Focus IDOL, a search and integrated analytics engine.


·       This technology combines high-end cameras and Micro Focus IDOL, which enables capturing an enormous amount of raw data rapidly and making sense of it almost instantly. And this system had to be extremely user-friendly for law enforcement," says Russell Hammad, CEO of Zenith Gulf Security Systems, which developed the ANPR system.

·       The new system (which they rolled out in 2015) provides a more visually subtle integration of 12 cameras into the light bar, along with the ability to read license plates up to three lanes to the right or left of a patrol car, even at high traffic speeds.

·       Within the first 18 months, the system helped Dubai Police capture over 2,700 individuals.

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