The State of Analytics in IT Operations

IT Ops Analytics all starts with data collection or monitoring data. Analytics is dependent on data and lots of it, often called Big Data. Data is the food that fuels analytics, without it analytics has nothing to look at to find patterns or anomalies that provide us insight. IT Operations Analytics holds considerable promise for making day-to-day IT Ops work easier.


·       Good analytics leverages information across a number of different sources to help meet service level agreements (SLAs).

·       CIOs are constantly under pressure to contain their budgets, which means justifying expenditures against the business value. And much of the analytics that can help with this comes out of the box for many tools.

·       With analytics built into performance monitoring tools, IT Ops teams may have the ability to review timelines for performance on specific servers and see where and when performance took a hit. The next step is to find out why, which is root cause analysis.

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