User and Entity Behavioral Analytics for Financial Services

Financial services organizations find managing cyber risk increasingly important as they work hard to protect sensitive customer data. ArcSight Intelligence behavioral analytics helps financial services security teams maximize existing resources and provides a new lens through which to detect, investigate, and respond to threats—before data is stolen. ArcSight Intelligence also provides downloadable reports summarizing immediate organizational risks.


·       ArcSight Intelligence is uniquely positioned to find the threats that matter for enterprises with valuable data to protect, limited security resources, and significant surface area to monitor—characteristics common among financial institutions.

·       Using machine learning, ArcSight Intelligence distills billions of events into a prioritized list of high-quality security leads to focus and accelerate the efforts of security operations centers (SOCs).

·       ArcSight Intelligence boosts the efficiency and speed at which security teams detect, triage, investigate, and respond to threats.

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