Vertica IoT Analytics

Vertica helps organizations, particularly intelligent device manufacturers, manage and analyze massive volumes of sensor data to predict and prevent operational issues and reduce service costs, improve customer satisfaction by extending operational uptime, and bring revenue-generating machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions to market.


·       Vertica offers a purpose-built, MPP solution for running SQL and in-database machine learning functions on sensor and machine-to-machine data - all delivered at an overall lower total cost of ownership than legacy data warehouse solutions.


·       Blazing fast analytics - gains insights into data in near real time by running advanced analytics queries 10-50x faster than legacy database and data warehouse solutions.


·       In an Optimal+ customer case study, Vertica was critical in creating historical baseline, developing models from this historical data, and then deploying these models into customer supply chains, resulting in near-instant analytics withing individual production facilities.


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Vertica IoT Analytics preview