Micro Focus ArcSight: Protecting Security Analytics with an Audit Quality SIEM Solution

The goal of a security analytics SIEM platform is to provide visibility across the enterprise by collecting event logs and machine-generated data from a variety of systems and sensors. This paper will discuss how ArcSight uniquely protects this data while providing litigation quality of data in the collection, storage, archiving, and correlation of log data.


·       The ArcSight Data Platform (ADP) Event Broker and ADP Smart Connectors ingest data from wide-ranging sources, with coverage of more than 400 source types. 


·       ArcSight not only provides litigation quality, trustworthy and dependable data, both in transit and at rest, but is also the only SIEM product that integrates with Voltage Format-Preserving Encryption to further encrypt and control what data is accessible, and to enable data privacy compliance across the threat analytics ecosystem.


·       Micro Focus offers the ArcSight SecureData Add-on for ADP to enable comprehensive data protection at the point of data collection, extending to systems where normalized security events data are shared.


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