Breach Defense: Keys to Keeping Data Safe 

Data breach impacts are devastating. To protect your organization, it’s helpful to understand the typical steps cybercriminals take to carry out a data breach. Micro Focus ZENworks solutions unifies the key capabilities you need to strengthen your data breach defenses while minimizing your effort in employing those defenses.


·       Micro Focus ZENworks Endpoint Security Management gives you fine-grained, policy-based control over all your Windows laptops, desktops, and servers, including advanced firewall protection, application controls, wireless security, port controls, and robust storage device controls.

·       The best breach defenses include four key protective capabilities:
o Automated patching
o Endpoint security
o Encryption
o Mobile security

·       Analysts estimate the typical cost per breached record at $148. Those costs escalate dramatically the longer a breach goes undetected.


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