Executive Briefing Series: EO for Cyber and Data Protection

Federal agencies, no less than other large organizations, ask a lot of their data nowadays. Generated by applications, network devices and sensors of all types, data is used to develop new digital services, to analyze program, mission and administrative performance; and to improve cybersecurity. Therefore, it’s important for agency IT staffs to make sure they’re using the latest strategies for organizing and protecting this valuable and transformative asset.


In fact, a series of White House executive orders, together with recent legislative approval of IT-directed dollars, have made explicit the mandate for modernization pursuant to improved cybersecurity, better customer experience and a more contemporary infrastructure.


In this exclusive executive briefing, the following executives explore why protecting data requires a comprehensive approach involving every part of the IT chain – people, policy, infrastructure and applications.


·      Taka Ariga, Chief Data Scientist and Director, Innovation Lab, Government Accountability Office.


·      Kevin Hansen, Chief Technology Officer, Alliances and Partners, Micro Focus Government Solutions.

·     Steven Hernandez, Chief Information Security Officer, Department of Education.


·      Drew Malloy, Technical Director Cybersecurity Directorate, Defense Information Systems Agency.


·      Kelvin Moore, Chief Information Security Officer, Small Business Administration.

·     David Olson, Chief Information Security Officer, National Institutes of Health Clinical Center.


·     David Wray, Public Sector Chief Technology Officer, Channel and Alliances, Micro Focus Government Solutions.


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