Lower Risk and Cost with Proactive Information Governance

Information governance has been a business topic for well over 30 years, yet the state of the art has moved very little over time. Today’s global business landscape faces massive disruption due to a singular force—the relentless growth of information. The volume of enterprise data grows 40 percent per year1, and will further accelerate over the coming decade. Most governance processes still reflect old approaches for managing physical records or documents, which in prior years formed the basis for managing a business. 


·     Attempting to manage information assets manually with direct human oversight and intervention is no longer just inefficient, it is operationally impossible. Millions or billions of documents, emails, text messages, videos and other files move through hundreds or thousands of systems, accessed by thousands or millions of users.  organizations must manage their information environments with the same technologies that are contributing to their growth in scale, speed, and complexity.


·     In dealing with the new realities of Big Data, organizations must change their approach to information governance . Historically, companies applied information governance through three main dimensions: organization, location, and control.

·     Through the Micro Focus Information Governance platform, your organization can meet the divergent goals of greater flexibility and greater control. Your users are able to access the right information at the right time in the right context—all while adhering to appropriate organizational policies and controls.


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