Protecting Sensitive Information for Local Government Agency with NetIQ

This U.S. local government agency is responsible for managing and selling state-owned assets. It employs over 700 people, generates multimillion dollar annual revenues and reinvests all profits into public projects.


To protect sensitive information and resources, the agency wanted secure and simple role-based web access to internal systems  and applications. By implementing NetIQ® Access Manager™,  the agency gained a central point of control to provision role-based access rights.


·       With NetIQ Access Manager, multiple levels of role-based authentication provide strong protection for internal systems so the agency can safely enable external access to systems for citizens with confidence.


·       The agency uses NetIQ eDirectory to store user data centrally, which is automatically distributed to relevant systems by Access Manager—something that IT staff previously had to do manually.

·       But by far the biggest benefit of NetIQ Access Manager is increased security,” the spokesperson continued. “Thanks to centralized control over authentication levels and identity-based access provisioning, internal agency systems are now extremely well protected against unauthorized access attempts.


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Protecting Sensitive Information for Local Government Agency with NetIQ Access Manager preview