Remote Access to the Coronavirus – Thinking Outside the Box….and the Building

The COVID-19 crisis continues to test us all, forcing us outside of our normal patterns and comfort zones. With sixty to eighty percent of the population now working from home, existing security strategies need to be re-examined. MFGS, Inc. gives you the freedom to incorporate whatever authentication type that works for your business.


·       MFGS, Inc. believes traditional, single-factor authentication, including username and password, is no longer a sufficient approach to protecting corporate, employee, or client information. Micro Focus Advanced Authentication provides both choice and flexibility for your current and future MFA requirements.


·       Society is evolving towards a mobile lifestyle, where people don’t need to be in the office in order to work or at the store to shop. A reported 1.3 billion workers are now mobile and connected.


·       Micro Focus Advanced Authentication framework delivers out-of-the-box integration with Access Manager by combining two or more authentication methods that makes it exponentially more difficult for the bad guys to circumvent access policies, reducing the risk to the organization.


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