Securing the Future of Cloud Based Healthcare Solutions

Cloud-based electronic health records (EHRs) come with risks. Healthcare organizations cannot afford to transition to the cloud if they cannot adequately protect those records from unauthorized access, improper use or data breaches. By monitoring who accesses data and how it is used, healthcare organizations can know that their patient data is being used properly in the cloud-based environment.


·     The problem is that controls of traditional on-premise EHRs were not developed with the cloud in mind. Some of those advantages of a cloud-based platform—the ease of access and information sharing— also represent vulnerabilities if improved controls are not put in place.


·      Multi-factor authentication (MFA) can provide that additional layer of security when it comes to identity, requiring users to identify themselves with something other than a password.Healthcare organizations need systems that can govern MFA access, setting the rules that each user must follow in order to access information.

·      Adaptive controls monitor all access requests to find patterns. The system can remediate these requests, approving ones that appear normal.


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