A Single Global Privacy Framework for Risk Reduction and Value Creation

Organizations need a privacy protection framework that is broad enough to cover the needs of global privacy requirements, yet flexible enough to support the needs of enterprises in different stages of maturity - and it requires analytics at the core. Micro Focus delivers a flexible, modular, intelligent set of solutions that help customers identify and take action on data that might be subject to privacy regulations. Our market-leading security and information management and governance software is mapped to specfic privacy use cases that help to support an organization's global privacy programs.


  • 2018 was the year when privacy became mainstream news and consumers realized the price they pay for the convenience of digital services. Around the world, consumers saw their privacy protections evaporate. Social media uses saw their data sold without their consent.
  • 2018 was also the year when the most stringent privacy regulation to date, the European Union's General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) came into effect. The GDPR - with its stricter rules, stiff penalties and global reach - was a milestone in the protection of consumer privacy and provided a template for other countries and states in their pursuit of privacy protections.
  • The Micro Focus Single Global Privacy Framework for Risk Reduction and Value Creation has five critical technology capabilities to support an organization's digital transformation journey, and is underpinned by an advanced analytics ecosystem to provide deep information insight.
  • With Micro Focus, firms are able to scale analytics initiatives by working on encrypted data that allows analytics to be performed, but is useless to attackers.

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