Testing Tools in the Agile Era

Agile software development methodologies, which have been on the rise in IT for the last 15 years, challenge the traditional "waterfall" approach to development. Rather than going through the process of gathering requirments and developing a complete code set followed by testing, the agile approach works in rapid cycles focused on the most pressing requirements at a given point in time.


·       Agile is potentially transformative, given its ability to release software much more quickly than the old approach.

·       While it offers many strategic and operational advantages, agile methodolgies threaten to disrupt traditional testing processes. The pace of development is so fast it outstrips standard testing practices.

·       As waterfall software development gives way to agile methodologies and its various organizational and architectural manifestations, testing teams are looking to new toolsets to keep up with the faster pace and greater variety in testing scenarios.

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