Voltage SecureData Sentry

SecureData Sentry simplifies and accelerates Voltage data-centric security deployment in cloud, commercial, and in-house applications without critical application changes or integration required. SecureData Sentry brokers data privacy to enable new value creation and policy compliance on protected data.

·       Voltage SecureData Sentry simplifies deployment and extends the reach of Voltage market-leading data protection technologies, including Hyper Format-Preserving Encryption (FPE), Hyper Secure Stateless Tokenization (SST), Stateless Key Management, and Format-Preserving Hash (FPH).

·       Promotes a non-disruptive, transparent approach to privacy compliance and the secure use of data.

·       The ability to support JDBC and ODBC protocols with consistent protection, and stateless key management for high scalability on premises and into the cloud, is unique in the market today for enabling enterprise-class performance.


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Voltage SecureData Sentry preview