The Four Keys to Ensure Your Center of Excellence Succeeds

Center of Excellence Succeeds Governments are increasing the number of Centers of Excellence (CoE) to improve efficiency, reduce risk, speed transformations, and accelerate implementation of new technologies. How do you know your CoE is delivering value and is heading in the right direction?


·     The Center of Excellence (CoE) team should possess the ability to not only guide and suggest but also to have input into “approving” the work.

·     Federal CoEs are typically set up to define, develop, implement, and deliver standards and best practices that increase efficiency at scale. This includes developing and documenting templates, blueprints, and repeatable processes and approaches for significant work efforts.

·     Measuring performance allows the CoE to re-engineer sub-optimal areas through training, research, soliciting expertise from subject matter experts, or other means, to increase the overall impact of the CoE.

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