The Practical Guide to Enterprise DevOps and Continuous Delivery

Julian Fish, the Director of Products for Micro Focus has written a book to gain a better understanding of the adoption of Continuous Delivery (CD) and DevOps in the enterprise software space, based on his extensive knowledge of release and deployment management solutions.


·       This book is for enterprise thought leaders looking to increase the velocity and volume of valuable change to their critical and revenue-generating IT services.

·       This book will show how, as companies looks for ways to innovate faster to keep pace with more agile competitors or to take the lead in a crowded marketplace, they are exploring many ways to accelerate the safe delivery of strategic business solutions.

·       DevOps transformation programs and the implementation of Continuous Delivery practices can significantly reducr your time to market. They can also increase the quality of the applications built within enterprises - and, through these improvements, increase the value of the services delivered to customers.

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